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I do not pass judgment because I was not there. and unexpected trips down the garbage chute. Does giving a delivery kid 15 on a 15 pizza order,and then sending an email about him to head office saying "the regional managerstore manager need to recognise this guy!" count.

Hope you're doing okay. As it was we transported and supplied Japanese troops after the surrender pn keep order in China and SE Asia The victors get the advantage at the negotiating table, but never unconditional terms.

Until the beginnings of Progressivism, American's were always, "Live and let live" people. Get the Media to shape up or ship out. lol I dunno. Trying to ostracize people who don't agree with your point of view simply deflects away from the argument.

Vodka is best girl, I drink youse all the time. Need to watch this show. Thank you, as I was attempted to write something, your post popped up, and far better put than I could have.

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  1. Mejora
    Mejora 7 months ago


  2. Gardak 6 months ago

    thanks! i appreciate it

  3. Kisar 6 months ago

    Send Moonbeam Brown to Mexico.

  4. JoJoktilar
    JoJoktilar 6 months ago

    God bless us and god bless FAYAD!

  5. Menos
    Menos 6 months ago

    Hell yah he's missing out. But if you've read my feed he really isn't missing out .. little dirty mofo has a girl in Caldwell a town nearby. But we have kids and we both have a significant amount to lose if we divorce. I just can't seem to be a hoe like him

  6. Bazahn
    Bazahn 6 months ago

    I do that sometimes too I forget sometimes

  7. Samujora 5 months ago

    HEAR HEAR!!!!!

  8. Tejas
    Tejas 5 months ago

    I use to hang with mommies . LOL

  9. Знакомства
    Vugar 5 months ago

    Nice one Michael!

  10. Moktilar
    Moktilar 5 months ago

    The Trump base is already "riled up".

  11. Знакомства
    Faenos 5 months ago

    HabaTime to hang these @#$&@#$ in public!

  12. Dailkree
    Dailkree 5 months ago

    well, he does swing.....

  13. Real house keeper on hidden cam
    Fenrikree 4 months ago

    U guys can quote me on this 1

  14. Zolosar
    Zolosar 4 months ago

    Sweet Benz!

  15. Gardagar
    Gardagar 4 months ago

    Just remember folks, "Mollie hates white people"

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Real house keeper on hidden cam
Real house keeper on hidden cam